Alexander Schellow (*1974, Germany)

Alexander Schellow deals closely with relations of space, perception and action at the junction between an artistic and scientific research. His work revolves around a possible documentation on orientation, in other words, on the way attention is scattered into given spaces.
Since 1999, he has been developing an ongoing practice of drawing based on a reconstruction process of memories. This practice provides a basis to different formats, which often evolve over a long period of time, for the most part related to specific places. The series of drawings, the animations / films, the archives, installations, readings, performances or also the texts are generated in collaboration with national or international institutions, most notably : Kunstmuseum Stuttgart / Städtische Museen Zwickau / KIT Kunsthalle Düsseldorf / Mousonturm / Sophiensæle (GE) ; Storefront for Art and Architecture (US) ; the first Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (GR); Tabacalera (SP); Museion (IT); VitaKuben (SE); CAT/MAK Wien / Tanzquartier Wien / BRUT / Steirischer Herbst (AU); T.I.C.A.B. – Tirana International Contemporary Art Biennale (AL); DeApple Artcenter (NL); KAAI / Sarma (BE); Centre Georges Pompidou / 11th Lyon Biennale / Le Fresnoy / FID / Petit Palais Paris (FR); Substation (SG); Center for Recent Drawing (UK); Bucarest National Museum of Contemporary Art (RO); KINODVOR (SI); Fundación Proa (AR). An important source of work lies within cooperations with scientists and artists from different fields : amongst others with the stage director Claudia Bosse (various projects, theatercombinat), with the choreographer Philipp Gehmacher (serie “walk+talk”) or with the linguist Klaus von Heusinger (reseach project “Memory and meaning” in the group “language sciences and cognition” of the University of Stuttgart. Since 2007, Alexander Schellow has been regularly teaching at universities in Paris, London, Konstanz and Brussels, where he holds a professorship (department Cinema d’animation, erg) since 2013.
He was resident fellow of the Akademie Schloss Solitude and awarded the Petchtstein scholarship. Between 2010 and 2012 Schellow was Senior Fellow at the Zukunftkolleg of the University of Konstanz and received in 2012-2013 a fellowship from the Mécènes du Sud, in Marseille.

Marie Urban
*1984 France.

Marie Urban did theater studies between Paris and Montreal, before she started a Franco-German double degree Master (UFA/DFA) in Art Theory and Practice, at the University of Provence, in Marseille, and in Kulturwissenschaft und ästhetische Praxis at the University of Hildesheim.
Throughout independent experiences or within the university framework, her path was marked by studies merging theory and practice.
She has been collaborating with Alexander Schellow since 2009 and, amongst other things, carried out research for TiranaNorth – trajectories at TICAB (Albania) for the experimental movie R.A.W (Berlin). Research and participation to the concept development of the animated film WASSER_I_11/2009 (produced by MELD). Development and coordination of the carte blanche organized in the framework of the festival Rencontres//03, produced by Films de Force Majeure (Marseille, May 2011), collaboration to the concept, assisted the film director for TIRANA (now in production). In September 2011, they created together the production film and artistic projects company, in Berlin for which she received a grant from the OFAJ.
Since 2010, she has been regularly working with stage director David Weber-Krebs and made research for the performance Balthazar (Amsterdam), for the performance Into the big world (NL) and was artistic / dramaturgical assistant for the play Tonight lights out! (Coproduction DE/BE/NL). She assisted the french stage director Philippe Quesne, as part of his project « Unendlicher Spass » organized by the theater HAU in Berlin and in 2013 for the last piece from Vivarium Studio: SWAMP CLUB.
More recently she worked as a dramaturge for the latest projects of David Weber-Krebs and Chang Nai-Wen and was part of the artistic direction with Adrian Figueroa for the piece Briefe an meine Katze Bébert with Prison-Theater Production Aufbruch in the JVA Plötzensee in Berlin. In 2014 she entered a PhD Programme of the german-french university taking place between the universities of Aix-Marseille in France and of Hildesheim in Germany. Her research focuses on dramaturgy, process and political aspects in contemporary documentary praxis.