Konzept: Alexander Schellow / Jean-Marc Montera
Zeichnung (live) : Alexander Schellow
Musik (live): Jean-Marc Montera


Until now, OHNE TITEL (FRAGMENT) has always been shown without sound. The installations and screenings were precisely an articulation of silence. OHNE TITEL (LIVE) catches this “silent movie” feature to take the shape of a serie of public musical performances, directed in collaboration with the GRIM and musician Jean-Marc Montera.
A movie theater – under the screen a folding screen. Behind it space for the drawer. An image from OHNE TITLE appears. Visible : the transparent sheet will be shot in order to follow the reconstruction process and will be shown in real time. The screening is visible to the audience and to the musician, who will find the impulse of improvisation through the slow transformation and densification of the drawing. This performance process takes place in between happenstance and necessity, as much on the stance of the music as that of the drawings realized point by point. What matters is that each element develops independently but still interleaves with one another. The musician performs the structure visually (or rather some aspects and movements), like he would with a musical score while letting the music develop on its own course. It is not a matter for the musician to interpret or accompany the images in terms of content, shape or structure. The musician performs the visual structure, or some of its features, and follows meanwhile an autonomous musical dynamic. Likewise, the music being played live falls within the realm of the “pure” visibility of the drawing, which transforms to the rhythm of the different acoustic forms. A first sequence of performance took place at the festival Nuit d’Hivers, in Marseille, on December 14th 2012. From 2013, a second serie will be open to other musicians and places.


Koordination: Jérôme Nunes
Produktion: Films de Force Majeure, GRIM
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von: Mécènes du Sud